Security Requirements and assessments

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Equine Security Requirements and assessments

The specific needs and preferences of our client, the number of horses involved, the layout of the establishment and the security requirements will determine the strategy of risk management.

Site Risk Assessment

A detailed site risk assessment including routes of entry both by road or on foot will be completed.  The degree of the potential risk of interference or threat and the client’s requirements for the management of those risks will assist in the formulation of our recommendations for structural and organisational changes to be made.

The frequency of horse movements, their locations and durations of stay will permit and more comprehensive assessment to be made to encompass competition and transportation.

Horse Transport Trailer

Land Transport for Horses

Transportation arrangements will be determined by the likely journey duration, the planning for rest stops, and the degree of perceived or actual risk or threat and managed accordingly after risk assessment. In certain situations, it may be recommended that security operatives accompany the ground transport and are present until a safe or sterile environment is reached or can be established.

Horse Transport Air

Air Transport for Horses

The transportation of horses by air is well-established and streamlined. However, after a  further risk analysis in discussion with the client arrangements may be required for security operatives to accompany the horse during transportation if permitted by the airline.


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